Research Training Group CSCC-RTG

According to the funding guidelines of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) the CSCC develops attractive career options for young scientists and offers appropriate perspectives in clinical and clinically oriented research with particular emphasis on translational aspects. The structure of the CSCC facilitates independent scientific projects at an early stage of the scientific career and enables an open and wide-ranging scientific exchange. To provide all MD and PhD students working in CSCC projects a common platform and the best possible conditions for earning a high and broad qualification during their doctoral studies by offering a structured training and supervision, the CSCC established its own Research Training Group. It is organized under the roof of the Jena School for Molecular Medicine (JSMM) and has set the following objectives according to the guidelines of the Jena Graduate Academy (JGA):

  • Advanced technical level of the involved persons and their research
  • Transparent access arrangements and selection procedures
  • Communication of expert knowledge and methodological skills
  • Communication of cross-disciplinary and vocational competences
  • Excellent supervision
  • Adjustment of periods of doctorate courses
  • Communication of teaching and supervision competences
  • Integration in the scientific community and internationalisation
  • Equal opportunities and compatibility of family and science
  • Alumni mentoring

Pursuing these goals the students aim to acquire the following skills:

  • Critical thinking - to read and review scientific texts / results of clinical trials
  • Professionalism - to learn the basics of scientific work, according to the Good Clinical Practice and Good Laboratory Practice (GCP, GLP) rules, to discuss controversies, to acquire appropriate methods
  • Communication - to educate and mediate information to patients and their relatives, to participate actively in health and science communication in the society
  • Presentation of research results - scientific writing and lecturing, to acquire language skills in English / German
  • Behavior - to take responsibility, develop teamwork and management skills, to handle conflicts, crises and foster decision-making, to learn self-reflective and conscious independent behavior within the framework of competencies, to know and respect the limits
  • Ethics - to know and respect the principles of patient-oriented and animal based research



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