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A key aim of the CSCC is the promotion of young scientists, in particular clinician scientists. The research training group (RTG) of the CSCC was thus established to provide a framework for structured training and mentoring of junior researchers within the CSCC.

As a rarity in the German academic system, PhD and MD students are trained together in lectures and methods courses. Special emphasis is placed on translational aspects of sepsis research. Moreover, the center aims to highlight career options in academic medicine and clinical research. In this regard, PhD and MD students are supported on their career paths by active mentoring. The CSCC RTG is open to all PhD and MD students working in CSCC research groups on thesis topics related to sepsis research or infection medicine.

The CSCC RTG is organized under the umbrella of the Jena School for Molecular Medicine, a member of the Jena Graduate Academy. Thereby, the RTG enables exchange with other research training groups and the participation in the multidisciplinary qualification program of the Graduate Academy.

The CSCC RTG aims to impart fundamentals of medical and patient-oriented research as well as of biomedicine, i.e.,

  • Expertise – the basics of scientific work, according to the rules of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and Good Scientific Practice (GSP), knowledge of appropriate methods
  • Critical thinking – reading and reviewing scientific texts and results of clinical trials, discussing controversies
  • Communication | presentation – informing patients and their relatives; active participation in health and science communication in the society; scientific writing and lecturing
  • Social skills – responsibility, teamwork, management skills, handling of conflicts
  • Ethics – knowledge of and respect for the principles of patient-oriented and animal-based research




RTG Course Program 2017

01.03.2017 - 01.02.2018

RTG Course "Scientific Writing and Publishing"

21.08.2017 - 22.08.2017


RTG Course Program 2017

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Center for Sepsis
Control and Care


Dr. Katja Lehmann (Coordination)

t +49 (0)3641 - 9 32 33 46

Nadine Reiher (Speaker)

t +49 (0)3641 - 5 32 11 63


Antonia Draeger (Speaker)

t +49 (0)3641 - 5 32 15 95